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Here is what customers are saying about Nataraj and eyeDance Photography:

"I enjoyed the photo session (which you made much more comfortable and pleasant than I had expected) and also with the results. My friend was also very pleased with the finished photos I sent him. Thanks for everything! If I ever need professional photos again, I'll know whom to contact."

"I really felt that I was putting myself out there for a boudoir session as a mature women that has always kept everything pretty well covered up.  Nataraj made be feel comfortable showing all.  My husband of 30 years loved the album of photographs I gave him for Christmas.  He was first shocked, then realized the risk that I had taken. Our love deepened. Then we just had fun with our "secret".  The process of preparing, the shoot, and selecting the photographs helped me grow and get in touch with my self too."

"And to quote my husband: "Pretty damn nice." He loves. Especially the one with the sheer silk held out in front of me. You did indeed hit on my husband's favorite poses - as we went through them there was a lot of zooming in! I never realized how far ahead he thinks ("with her in that pose, if I just walked around I'd see xyz, but I can't see it from here! Suspense!"). It was like a treasure hunt. Thank you so much for all of it-there are definitely some [great ones] in there--stunning jewels! eSqueeze!! Thou art rock, Nataraj!

"These are spectacular Nataraj. My partner cried no less then 4 times looking at them. I have so much to do - it will take a lot of self-discipline because all I want t do is sit and stare at these all day. It will also be challenging narrowing them down to what gets blown up and hung on walls. There are so many great shots..."

"I am super excited to do another shoot, though next weekend won't work. Would the following weekend work? That would also give me some time to get my partner in the loop if he can make it. I like your suggestions for activities--we can play with props, yoga, dance, jump rope, etc." 

"I am very happy with how the images turned out and I’ve been looking back at them frequently over the past few days. I’m happy we did most of the shoot with the black backdrop so the focus of the images is just my body. I particularly like the ones of my back where you had me raise my arms to show tension in the muscles - thank you for that suggestion. I also really like the ones of me sitting and laying on the ground, with the focus on the shapes and curves of my body. As for the whole experience, thank you for making it easy and comfortable. It really helped being able to see the studio ahead of time so I knew exactly what to expect. I liked that during the shoot that I had the freedom to decide what poses I wanted to capture but that you also gave me guidance so there wasn’t pressure for me to always be thinking of what to do. I think the combination of both our ideas gave me a lot of variety in the end results which I appreciate. I plan to get a book printed of my favorites once I have looked through them all (on the receipt I was reminded of one of my favorites with my hair falling that I plan to include)   I will definitely recommend you if I hear of anyone wanting to get photographs taken. I have already told several of my friends about the experience and even shared a few of the photos…the reactions have all been very positive :) "

"You are an amazingly gifted person.   There were photos that captured me as I envision myself.  [My partner] loved them and found ones that caught many of the expressions he loves.  In the last day I have had with the pictures, I have come to love myself more honestly.  There were pictures that made me laugh,  some that made me smile.  I felt power from some, and insecurity from others.  I outright grimaced at a few, which later, through the eyes of those I love, I came to see their beauty.  I feel that what I paid you for was your time, and it was a bargain.  I feel what I received as a result was nothing short of a gift, which I treasure.  A special one.  You could strip away all of the things I have gained from this experience.  Facing my fears.  Acceptance of Self.  Baring it All.  Planning and Dreaming.  A New Friend.  Great times.  Beautiful Photos.  Peace, from action.  and more.  If all of those things had never happened, and yet somehow I came across this one particular picture, I would need to have it in my life.  There is one picture, in which I feel you have captured the pure essence of my being. It is ageless, it is pure, it is the part of me that borrows the earth to be here.  I don’t know what is is about you, but you have a way of seeing into who people really are.  Amazing.  I have been walking around with a clarity and confidence these last few days that I could not ever have asked for.  I am so excited about this next phase in my life .  Now I have the clarity to see the path to take next , and I have the confidence with which to get my feet moving along it.  Thank you seems too small, but I thank you.  I feel indebted to you yet." 

"Working with Nataraj was a real pleasure. He's amazing with lighting and made me feel very comfortable when I was nude." 

"As a marketing and communications professional in Madison for 20 years, I've had a chance to work with the area's best photographers. When I needed professional photos of my own, Nataraj at Eyedance was my first choice. I'm a fan of his photoblog, so I was confident in his mastery of essentials like lighting and composition. But I also knew Nataraj would put me at ease — I felt he'd help produce and capture the most relaxed, confident moments. And he did. The time in the studio was fun. It felt like a creative project. I felt free to experiment with lots of unexpected poses, some of which yielded excellent results. I think his experience as a dancer and performer gives him a great appreciation for the nuances of the bodies he photographs. I plan to go back for another session where we can really let loose and produce a set of performance-oriented promotional photos. I highly recommend Nataraj at Eyedance for a wide-range of portrait photography. (And he takes pretty good photos of flowers, motorcycles, and mass assemblies of civic dissent, too!)" 

"Working with Nataraj is great, very professional and relaxed. He has a good eye for framing a shot as well as catching that perfect moment. He was somehow able to capture exactly the kind of pictures I was looking for, despite my being fairly vague on what that actually was."  

"My girlfriend and I had Nataraj take a photo shoot of the two of us getting a bit playful with each other. Definitely not the kinds of photos I'd show my mother, but wouldn't be completely embarrassed if she found them.  The shoot was wonderful, from start to finish. He brought his wife along (after getting our OK for another person to help out). The paperwork (model release, contract, etc) was handled simply, without rushing. Then he asked us what kinds of pictures we wanted, got a feel for how much he should try to direct vs. just letting us do our thing, and so on. Once we got set up, we struck a really nice balance between him taking some candid shots, and he and his wife recommending some posed shots. Even though a good number of the photos were rather intimate and there was clothing removed, he has the kind of approach where bringing the camera in close at those moments didn't feel intrusive or invasive. He also brings a very obvious joy to his work, so it was easy for us to just have fun while we were being photographed.   We had the studio for a couple of hours, he took a lot of pictures, and had even sent out a few quick teasers later that night and the next day. The end product was a DVD with a lot of really, really good pictures. He managed to catch some very dynamic shots, some very static and tense, some quiet moments, us laughing - it was a really great mix of photos that encapsulated the different things we were experiencing during the shoot. The pictures were well-composed across the board, and all the images he delivered were good, high-quality, in focus, and well lit.   I would definitely do another shoot or three."

"I decided to have boudoir photos and portraits taken as a birthday present to myself as I had not had my picture taken since my high school senior pictures ten years ago.  Nataraj at eyeDance Studio captured exactly what I envisioned. I couldn’t be happier!  He (and Reena!) are so talented.  I had a wonderful time at the studio and would recommend Nataraj to anyone who wants unique photos that truly capture the beautiful person you are inside." 

“Nataraj was professional, personable, patient, and most of all, fun. The final photographs are both art and an expression of my own personality because he created a collaborative space by truly listening to me and by making his own suggestions." 

“Nataraj's ability to create a respectful, comfortable and artistically freeing atmosphere was critical to the tremendous success of my 40-year-old-body-tribute photo session. In a few hours he shot nearly 300 photos and about 80% of them were good or very good and over 20% were stunning. I was able to create two wall canvases, a photo collage poster and a hard cover memory book that is a very personal treasure! I recommend him highly for any type of photography, but especially for capturing creative expression.” 

“I have watched Nataraj Hauser's work for nearly a decade and have always been impressed by the passion which with he fuels his creativity and the integrity with which he works his business. He pays attention to professional detail while pushing the bounds of unique individuality. I highly recommend him as both an artist and buisinessman.”

"Working with eyeDance was absolutely wonderful!  The studio is wonderfully appointed, the equipment is excellent, and Nataraj put me at ease very quickly with his warm and friendly yet professional demeanor.  My CD of images was delivered in less than a week, and the results of the shoot were far beyond what I had hoped for.  I am not usually very photogenic in head shots, but Nataraj captured not one but several that I just loved.  And he really has a talent for capturing movement in a way that brings the picture to life.  I can't recommend Nataraj or eyeDance photography highly enough!"

"When I worked with you, it was so much fun to have your input in the artistic process.  It was fun, collaborative, and creative!"

"Thanks for being our photographer!  My partner & I looked through all the photos last night, and we just love them. It was soooooo the right choice to hire you."

"You do good work, my man!!!!!!!!!  Don't know if that was a product of the lighting or artistic touch on your part, but I like it." 

"Thank you so much for the photos you took of Nell and me.  We were delighting in looking at them this morning, and laughing.  We love our "usness" and your photos captured that.  Your photo of me is an internationally distributed book published by McGraw-Hill: The Briefcase Series: Marketing, Advertising, and P.R " 

"J. and I reviewed the gorgeous photos this evening and would like to purchase ALL of them. So many were so very good, we thought. The light and vibrancy of the colors makes my heart sing. As we viewed the slide show I remarked that I'd never have imagined that we would have portraits made together, and in such lushness, and in such clothes. --I think we are Adam and Eve in some of those shots. Really, they're beautiful!  -- In response, J. said we're imagining outside the box now. (Reminding us of a workshop of Tuesday last.) I liked that, agreed, indeed."