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Boudoir Project - A Peek Into the Whole Story

Generally I use only one or two photos from a given boudoir photo shoot.  Often it is because I have very specific limitations from the client about which images can be shown to a general audience, and sometimes it is my choice for the sake of expediency.  This particular client has graciously allowed me to use any images from her shoot, and so this presents a unique opportunity to provide you with a more complete idea of what comes out of a boudoir photo shoot with Nataraj of eyeDance Photography.

boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI      boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI

The simple elegance of a drape of silk adds stylish touches creating a classic feel.  The ducked head adds a bit of vulnerability; a suggestion of introspection rather than invitation.  In the second, we see more of the directness; the confident gaze holds you while the soft body entices, inviting you to look at the beauty of her body.  Simplicity is the eyeDance watchword for boudoir photographs.  I urge my clients to select things that make them feel special, to bring jewelry or accessories purchased for love rather than practicality.  That necklace you bought because it called to you yet you cannot decide when you might ever really wear it?  That is the one to bring to this sort of portrait session!
The stark differences between these two images could not be any greater!  I understand if you have a strong, negative reaction to the image on the right.  I did. In fact I was prepared to delete them right from the camera (three were taken in this style) and I showed them to her so we could talk about them.  She agreed that the look was 'creepy' and yet she found herself captivated by the style.  Out of deference to her opinion, I kept them.

The image on the left came out of the sequence using the long silk fabric.  We did a number of different poses using it; playfully experimenting with "conceal/ reveal" and capturing different moods.

The image on the right came about as I was moving some props and found an old, dirty window pane.  The studio space is shared as a cooperative with two other photographers and we utilize each others equipment and props.  I recalled that one had mentioned using the window, but I never saw the resulting photos.  We joked about it, wondering at its use, and decided to prop it up on a chair and shoot through it to see what we got.  Upon reviewing them, she was amused.  As the old saw states, 'the customer is always right', so I kept the images and present this one here because it opens a dialog about the story one might be trying to tell with a boudoir shoot.  Perhaps she or her partner find play in being each others voyeur?  Perhaps she just wanted permission to let that part of herself show?  That is her story to tell!

And boudoir photos are, truly, about telling a story.  What is the story you want to tell?  Are you demure and romantic, bold and brazen, or do you wish to role-play a part that you do not often show?  Feel free.  That is what eyeDance Photography wants to co-create with you: Images that capture the real you, from mild to Wild!

This shoot involved just a couple of costume changes.  The idea of a classic 'boyfriend shirt' sort of image did not at all appeal to her sensibilities, so we worked in different directions.  This bit of costume garment continues the idea of conceal/reveal, a bit of hide and seek with the viewer, and so works just fine here.

boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI
boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI

What shoot of this sort would be complete without a little black dress?  There were a number of poses taken with her wearing this clingy sequined dress, some standing, some seated.  Ultimately I decided I liked this one best even though it is a tight composition.  It is so relaxed, so downright friendly, it works well as a portrait that she could even give to her mom or hang on the family room wall (or use for Facebook or other social networking sites) without batting an eye.  Just because the primary intent of a boudoir shoot is intimate images does not mean that all the images need be such.  Nataraj of eyeDance Photography will work with you to capture the essence you want to portray - even multiple, dissimilar essences.  It is all about you!

boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI

While it is true that I do everything possible to make your experience as comfortable and safe as can be, there is no denying that a boudoir portrait photo shoot is an intimate experience, and that is not always an easy thing.  There are those moments where silliness or anxiety come into play.  Sometimes that is the right moment for a break, a bit of water or just something other than being in front of the camera.  I usually let those moments go undocumented, but in this case I knew that I was going to be building this storytelling page, so I shot the WTF moment.  Pretty much everyone has some variation of this moment, so do not think you cannot be free to express your thoughts and concerns.  We will find a way to work through it that is right for you.

boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI
No woman or man has a perfect body, perfect skin, or perfect hair.  Infinite variety is what makes us compelling and attractive.  When you come for a boudoir photo shoot with Nataraj of eyeDance Photography, you will be invited to be real, be you, unabashedly you.  In general, I do not use Photoshop to "fix" minor perceived imperfections.  I can, and will if that is what you really want, and I will actively discourage you from doing so.  Do not be afraid to be yourself and love yourself just as you are.  Scars are like tattoos with genuine stories.  

Embrace your self.

Celebrate your self.

Glorify, just for a moment, your self.

Invest in your self.

You are worth it.

Perhaps someone else in your life is worth sharing your portraits with in a way that can bring smiles for decades to come.  Or perhaps they are just for you.

boudoir portrait photography Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Studio Madison WI
Call now!  We can meet over a cup of coffee to discuss your wishes and establish a time for a shoot that accommodates your schedule.  I work when you are available, day or night. Locations outside my Downtown Madison studio can be possible if that is your preference.

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The subject of these photos had this to say about her experience, and this page:
"Seeing myself through Nataraj's lens is a totally different experience. And wonderful. As a photographer, being in *front* of the lens let me relax and be out of my head. Nataraj gave the me space to simply be in the space of my body and the movement of my breath. Looking at these photos now gives me a vision of myself I've never experienced. I treasure each of these photos. The smiles, the blinking, and the curves of my skin. I feel more beautiful than ever before."