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There are many ways to have a portrait made of yourself.  Sometimes the perfect choice is more private, more intimate.  These boudoir portraits often hang in a bedroom, away from the eyes of those who may not share your comfort with and celebration of the nude or partially nude body.  Boudoir (French for bedroom) portraits range from romantic and soft to bold and flirtatious.  Attitude is most important in this style of portrait.  Since the typical recipient is a loved one, the message needs to clearly convey romance, affection, and love.  This style of portrait is a very personal gift, not to be taken lightly.

Boudoir portraits are not always nudes.  In fact, it is often more desirable to be partially covered, suggestive rather than flagrant. 

Capturing the relationship between the subject and the not-present partner is a goal, be it playful or discrete.  Everything possible will be done to make you feel at ease during the session.  Nataraj of eyeDance will work with you to establish what you hope to capture, and the photos can be in studio, at your location, or a location of your choice. 


In the top four photographs you are looking at, the woman did not know exactly what she wanted, just sensual images as a gift for her partner-to-be.  We spoke, and narrowed down some concepts, agreeing that for her best results we would use a combination of locations.

We started with rumpled bed shots first thing in the morning, capturing that just-awakening feeling.  In the studio, she was eager to make use of an array of costume props, wanting to share some specific looks that her partner found appealing.  The look and feel varies widely, but her playful spirit, totally comfortable in her skin, is clear and vivid.  Luck and weather were with us when we moved to a remote pier on a private lake that she and her partner have fond memories of.  We added another set of images from which she could choose.

Choosing the right photograph from a series of sensational images can be a daunting task.  In this case, she had a difficult time selecting just a few that she really liked, so we found a solution that fit both her desire and her budget.  Rather than order large prints of one or two images, I proposed we create a book that contained all of her favorites.  I did the layout and showed her the concept, and she agreed it was the perfect choice for her and her partner.  We were right.  Her partner was delighted.

Regardless of your wants and needs, Nataraj of eyeDance will work with you to find the right solution.  You will have a beautiful intimate gift to share with your beloved ~ a treasure of this moment in time.

Contact Nataraj at eyeDance today and talk about your intimate portrait.

To Atthis
Atthis has not come back to me: truly I long to die.
Many tears she wept at our parting, saying:
“Sappho, how sad is our fate. I leave you unwillingly.”
To her I answered: “Go on your way happily and
Do not forget me, for you know how I love you.
But if you should forget, then I will remind you
How fair and good were the things we shared together,
How by my side you wove many garlands of violets and
Sweet-smelling roses, and made of all kinds of flowers
Delicate necklaces, how many a flask of the finest myrrh
Such as a king might use you poured on your body,
How then reclining you sipped the sweet drinks of your choice.”

~Sappho of Lesbos, translation by Edward Storer

The next four images you see here are indicative of what can be done outside, away from the studio.  Perhaps you are more at home out of doors and crave the kiss of the sun or the caress of the wind on your sleek skin.  No studio portrait is going to capture that.  Shooting outdoors presents unique problems, not the least of which is not offending the neighbors sensibilities or running afoul of local ordinances.  These problems are surmountable, and lighting needs can be met.

The woman in the next two images has a strong connection to water.  It was important to her to be in water for her portraits.  Nudity was a dicey thing at that specific location, so we used the silk as a luscious drape to obey the spirit of the local restriction.  I worked in the water with her, often with the camera just an inch or so above a disastrous dunking.  It was worth the risk to get her the images she loves so much.

Her partner was not with us when we shot, and there is always some concern about some unknown man taking such photographs.  Be assured that I do everything possible to keep you feeling safe and respected, in charge of how you are portrayed.  Whenever possible I include my partner as my assistant.  She provides a second set of artist's eyes, as well as a security feeling if that is desired.

In the end, she was delighted with the results.  Upon showing them to her partner, he replied, "Are there more?  Buy them!"  I can think of no better recommendation, both for my abilities and for motivation for you to have such photographs taken.  I asked her what prompted her to have me shoot these intimate images.  I thought her response was worth sharing here:

"I have oddly found that although my intention was taking them for [my partner], I will use them for ME.  The photos reiterated to me that I'm worth the time, effort, energy and expense. As a mother, grandmother, care provider, and [having a] role in spiritual leadership and service, it can be hard to remember to do for myself, too. Doing the photo shoot opened up new things for me, in a good way.  As far as during the photos, the camera did not exist at all. Your cues were like my own mind's suggestions, making things feel natural and comfortable."

It is that effort to make you feel natural and comfortable that makes me a worthy choice as your photographer. 

The moon has set and the Pleiades
Have gone.
It is midnight; the hours pass; and I
Sleep alone.

~Sappho of Lesbos, translation by Edward Storer

Some choose to have intimate portraits taken as a gift for another.  It is just as valid and reasonable to do so as a gift for yourself.  It is a beautiful way to celebrate you, this time in your life.  Enjoying and appreciating yourself, your unique body and spirit, is reason enough.  You might buy yourself new shoes or clothes and they will be out of style in a year or two.  Imagine sitting down twenty years from now and seeing yourself captured so exquisitely.  This is a treasure to delight you for the rest of your life.

Why wait?  Call Nataraj of eyeDance and let's talk about what you want.

"Beauty puts a face on God. When we gaze at a loved one, at a work of art, our soul immediately recognizes and is drawn to the face of God."

-Margaret Brownley

Boudoir images are not always overt, though there is tremendous power in a simple, straightforward gaze into the camera.  The merest hint of a smile creates an aura of mystery and allure.  The viewer is intrigued, asking 'What is she thinking?' or perhaps, 'Ah, that look...yes.'  No props are needed to convey beauty and no covering of makeup is needed to reveal it.  Nataraj of eyeDance will work with you to craft your perfect intimate portrait; to reveal you in exactly the way you wish.

... when I look on you a moment,
then can I speak no more,
but my tongue falls silent, and at once
a delicate flame courses under my skin,
and with my eyes I see nothing,
and my ears hum,
and a wet sweat bathes me,
and a trembling seizes me all over ...

~ Sappho of Lesbos

There is so much to admire in the human form!  Strength and grace, line and curve, muscle and bone or soft padding, each draws the eye and holds it delicately.  The simple drape of a bit of fabric both covers and reveals.  Her infinite variety - from zaftig to lean - is an endless pleasure.  Regardless of how your body manifests itself today, there is beauty to be found therein. 

No one, woman (or man) is totally satisfied with every aspect of her body.  Part of the process for a boudoir shoot is to explore your feelings about your body; your likes and dislikes, and where your comfort comes to an edge.  Some can reveal all and never blink while others are quite apprehensive.  The shoot will be crafted with your needs in mind, and every effort will be made to put you at ease.

The images shown here are all shown with the express permission of the subject.  Some of them would not have believed they would do so before seeing the images, but having seen themselves reflected in such special ways, could not choose otherwise.  Those who protect their privacy more are not illustrated here, at their wish.  Your images from eyeDance are yours.

"She had grown older. And he loved her more now than he had loved her when he understood her better, when she was the product of her parents. What she was now was what she herself had decided to become."

— Michael Ondaatje (The English Patient)


Sometimes the process of photographing a person is more of an experience in cartography, the mapping of the body.  As part of a boudoir shoot, Nataraj of eyeDance Photography will also shoot details of the subject.  Sometimes that is a stated goal that has emerged out of the Question and Answer process that occurs before every boudoir session.  Other times it is because of a curiosity of light and shadow, or the perfect curve or angle at that precise moment. 

For some, these cartographic details are unimportant, chaff that may be discarded.  For others they are the entire point of the project.  Either is a fine choice.  For photo shoots where a book or other collection of the images is desired these good-part excerpts become the seasoning, the accent marks to the main images.

For others the essence is caught in the form, the shape, and the reveal and conceal of light evokes the mystery.  These snippets can contain more value than the whole, becoming the image you can have on your wall because it is a bit more anonymous, a bit safer.  There is room for plausible deniabilty when the situation arises.  But you will know.  And any you choose to draw into your confidence.

It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn - which is what life is all about.

Oprah Winfrey


The people you see represented on this page range all over the demographic spectrum: They range in age from twenty to sixty; are straight, gay, or undefined; come from various ethnic backgrounds; are partnered or single.  There is no simple answer to the question of what sort of person has boudoir portrait photographs taken.  The answer is as complex as you are.  You are not easily defined, and do not fit comfortably into any little box labeled 'Normal'.  You are uniquely individual.  Your most intimate portraits should capture that.


It is my observation that male nude or boudoir photography is under-represented.  It is true that men have the same body image issues that women do, only that such are manifested differently.  It is no less an act of courage for a man to take off his armor and be captured as for a woman.  If you celebrate your body, or that of your beloved, as it is, then consider a boudoir shoot to capture that.  As with women, there is much to celebrate about the male form.  As the woman is no longer the nymph, so the man is perhaps less sinewy than once upon a time.  The cartography of the body reflects all the seasons that have written upon it.  Is that not worth celebrating?

"Graceful lines, mysterious shadows and gently rippling planes are the male body-Michelangelo`s David infused with the strength, elegance and beauty of breath and soul. For so long it was cloaked in starched whites and shrouded in gray wools. Only a living colossus could break free from those concealments. These larger-than-life men were praised for aggressiveness and size, but the simple beauty and sensuality of a finely chiseled male physique were lost."

— Robin Givhan

Call Nataraj at eyeDance Photography and schedule an appointment to create images of your own to celebrate.

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A client gave me the rare opportunity to present any of her images.  I built a separate page to illustrate in greater detail what a boudoir photo shoot with Nataraj of eyeDance Photography is really like.  Experience it HERE.

Because I have been in front of the camera in just the same way.  I understand how you might be feeling.  See my shoot HERE.

Meadow with Silk


Madison WI Boudoir Photographer Nataraj Hauser eyeDance Photography