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eyeDance specializes in unique portraits that capture and illuminate the subject in a special way.  These are not the sorts of portraits you will get at some tucked-away room at a giant retailer.  We will work with you to capture your essence.


Sometimes your life is complex, layered like an onion.  There are parts of your life that you simply do not share with coworkers and family.  Things outside the norm add zest to your life and make you deliriously happy by pushing your boundaries and exploring the shadows and edges of your imagination.  Be it leather, rubber, cross-dressing, bondage or role-playing, rest assured that kink-friendly eyeDance is ready to help you capture that special side of you.  Why not celebrate with a portrait that captures that essential you?  Give it as a gift to the one who holds the leash, or hang it for your own enjoyment in your inner sanctum.  Come on in and play!  [See more kink friendly possibilities HERE.]



Born and raised in Madison, WI, Kia plays horn in Yid Vicious, the avant-garde jazz-poetry odyssey Dyna-Music, and other more traditional horn-utilizing ensembles. She also plays bass in Yammer, a rock-like group that, among other venues, toured seven area laundromats during the lauded Yammer Summer Guerilla Laundromat Tour. With husband (& YV drummer) Geoff Brady, Kia has scored experimental music for silent film screenings, staged sock puppet performances of beloved holiday films, and invented a few instruments including the dangerphone (made of circular saw blades) and the chaerophone (an inflatable chair-bellows). She also plays accordion with Reptile Palace Orchestra.  Kia works at the Madison Children's Museum, where she often figures out ways to do this sort of stuff for a regular salary.

Obviously a rich and varied talent needed to be revealed.  eyeDance believes this portrait informs the viewer that this is no stuffy, image-bound performer, but rather a truly Puckish nature barely held in check by a 9-5 job.


Based in Madison WI, Massamba Brazilian Dance Co. is an exciting and creative force in the Midwest.  In collaboration with the locally based percussion group, the Handphibians, Massamba solidified its place in the arts community after a successful performance for the renowned Madison Carnaval festival. Showcasing beautifully handmade traditional costumes typical of Rio style Carnaval, the group wowed the audience with its impressive footwork and high energy performance.

Drawing on the experience and knowledge of dancers and musicians, eyeDance photographer Nataraj Hauser routinely captures delightful images of performers of all sorts.  Capturing the joie de vivre of a fast-moving samba dancer takes a special sort of talent that draws on understanding the dance and anticipating the moment - that split second when the perfect image appears and the camera clicks.


60's chanteuse Chick Singer has been dormant but is poised to take the city by storm once again!  Watch for this talented performer at a venue near you!  You know this woman.  We know you know.

eyeDance has captured the glamor, the fame, and the passage of time in this singular portrait of Chick.  This will make an ideal publicity photo for her as she relaunches her performing career.  This portrait, and the band shot following, were taken on location at Chick's rehearsal studio, employing eyeDance photographer Nataraj Hauser's portable studio know-how.

Like the idea of a classical nude portrait of yourself?  In this image,  eyeDance has managed to convey the strength and power of the model without losing a sense of ambiguous burden.  Is the subject arising after surviving life's attempts to hold him down?  Light sculpts and enhances the body.  This could be you, in a celebration of your strength, your power, your body!  From mild to wild, you can convey your satisfaction with your body, the temple for your spirit.  Tell your story.  Show your ink and modifications.  Be real.  [See more art nude possibilities HERE.]


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient, sacred form of bodywork that is based on a synthesis of yoga, Ayurveda, knowledge of the pranic energy body, a meditative state and Metta (the Buddhist practice of loving kindness).

Note the hints of playful wisdom in Don's eyes.  This is the face of a man who laughs along with the world, and has found a way to share that with his clients.  This depth of character immortalized is an eyeDance hallmark. 


lf your tastes run a little closer to the edge than to the center, you can count on eyeDance Studio to deliver a portrait that highlights the real you. You can relax - Your kink is cool here.  [See more kink friendly possibilities HERE.]

(Boots from Le Dame Footwear - Check out their Las Vegas runway videos featuring these boots, and more, at the link.)


What will your portrait reveal about you?  Let eyeDance help you let your inner self be illuminated!  Schedule an appointment today.

Musician Promotional Head Shot Photography by eyeDance Studio Photographer Nataraj Hauser, Madison, WI

Stage Performer Promotional Head Shot Photography by eyeDance Studio Photographer Nataraj Hauser, Madison, WI

Singer Performer Promotional Head Shot Photography by eyeDance Studio Photographer Nataraj Hauser, Madison, WI

Art Nude Portrait Photography by eyeDance Studio Photographer Nataraj Hauser, Madison, WI

Body Worker Promotional Head Shot Photography by eyeDance Studio Photographer Nataraj Hauser, Madison, WI

Check back for additional unique portrait examples!

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