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PSG - Portrait examples for potential PSG customers

Welcome to Nataraj Hauser's PSG merchant page.  Again this year I will be offering my services as a portrait photographer to enhance your PSG experience.  Imagine having a set of professional photographs to remember the week.  The body paint!  The ritual garb!  That effusive glow of living in community with like-minded people.  Here is how it will work:  You, or I, select a location anywhere on the grounds at Stonehouse, and a time.  Together we create a photo shoot that captures the Real You.  Before the end of the Gathering, you will select your chosen photos (THAT is the hard part) and take them home in full resolution on a CD.  You can print them or simply look at them on your computer, as you wish

AFFORDABLE.  PROFESSIONAL.  FUN!  Book your shoot early, as I expect to fill up.


To the right you will see examples of the caliber of work by Nataraj of eyeDance Photography (shown here with partner Reena).  Whether using available light or carefully controlled light, your results will be stunning.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, please do not copy these images for any purpose.

Imagine yourself, or your PSG tribe, captured with such creative excellence! 

The photos you select after your shoot (I assure you, choosing which ones you like best will be difficult) will be edited and burned to a CD at full resolution.  They are yours to do with as you please.  You can share them, print them (up to poster size!), or keep them private for yourself.  You will sign a model release form that dictates how you will let me use your image, if at all. 


Please note that these sample images are to illustrate my work and what is possible.  PSG guidelines prohibit me from shooting nudes in such a way that certain body parts are revealed.  The top-right photo is OK, but the pregnant woman and several others are not.  I will work creatively with you to capture what you wish and still remain compliant with the constraints within which I am allowed to shoot at PSG.  To address this, I simply ask you to ponder the effect of nude photos being used by hostile busybodies to show how "immoral" we are at this Pagan Gathering to have naked adults where children are present.  You know what a devastating blow could result.

I will happily work with you outside of PSG to shoot any sort of nude portraits you might desire, from mild to WILD.


In my professional work I choose not to shoot most weddings.  However, PSG is my tribe, my people, and special events call for special consideration. 

Ask about rates to shoot your special PSG event.


I will make tentative arrangements for some photo sessions in advance, so contact me today to express your interest!