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Kink Friendly

Why kink-friendly glamour portraits?

There are many things that people want to capture that are illustrative of their real life.  These things are not representative of their work or responsibilities, but rather of their play.  These are things that provide an alternative to the grind of everyday life - the spice that makes the ho-hum time tolerable.

Often these images are not for a wide audience, and perhaps no audience at all other than the subject.  For others photographs of such intimate play is thrilling to share, a true celebration of themselves.

Regardless of your intent with the images, Nataraj of eyeDance can work with you to create portraits you will love.  Your secret will be safe.  (Or with your permission, they might be used here.)

There are many ways to relax after a day of work.  Some people collect stamps.  Others choose edgier pursuits; consensual games for and by adults, and exchanges of control freely shared.  The Shibari rope bondage you see here is one such.  What's yours?

[from the Wikipedia entry on Shibari]

"The word Shibari came into common use in the West at some point in the 1990s to describe the bondage art Kinbaku. Shibari (縛り?) is a Japanese word that literally means "to tie" or "to bind". It is used in Japan to describe the artful use of twine to tie objects or packages.

Kinbaku (緊縛?) means 'tight binding' or Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美?) which literally means 'the beauty of tight binding'. Kinbaku (also Sokubaku) is a Japanese style of sexual bondage or BDSM which involves tying up the bottom using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope–often jute and generally around 6 mm in diameter, but sometimes as small as 4mm, and between 7m-8m long). In Japanese, this rope is known as 'asanawa'. The Japanese vocabulary does not make a distinction between hemp and jute. Dictionaries will usually translate the word 'asa' as hemp and 'nawa' as rope.[1][2][3] However, this rope is not hemp rope, but jute rope: the allusion is to the use of hemp rope for restraining prisoners, as a symbol of power.[4] In Japan very few bondage practitioners, if any, use hemp rope. Though jute and hemp may belong to the same family of fibers, and they both have good properties for holding knots and for not stretching, they do differ in looks, weight and especially in smell."[5]

Nataraj of eyeDance can assist you with creating a portfolio of you and your kink.  You could have a large framed portrait hanging in your safe space.  You could have a bound book to savor and perhaps share with others at your discretion.  Perhaps a digital collection that could be run as a slide show is the right answer.  The possibilities are many.

Let loose.  Be real.

Maybe your kink is a little softer?  Just a personal thrill perhaps, yet you are feeling bolder and more comfortable every day.  Now is the time to let that side of you come out to play. 

No more amateur self-pics hastily snapped with a cell phone.

You spent half the day getting dolled up, maybe even some time at the spa, and you are looking fine.  Perhaps you even went shopping for that just-right accessory.  Why not indulge that persona and celebrate how you look and feel?

Perhaps like Natasha here, you are exploring a new edge - one a bit softer than your work-a-day life demands of you.  It is not a big secret, just a small one shared discretely, and with the hearty cooperation of your partner.  

In short, you look good and you feel good when you are in that special outfit, hair just so, in the perfect pair of shoes (perhaps from Le Dame Footwear?).

Get yourself studio portraits that really show you off!  The photos can be yours alone or shared with special friends.  Do they go on the wall, or into a book to be shared carefully?  There are many options available to you from a photo session with eyeDance Photography.  Choose what is right for you.

These portraits will be a real boost to you and allow you to savor - and share - that side of you that few people see.

Who defines who you are?  You do!

A studio session at eyeDance is fun, not scary.  Rest assured, I want to capture you in your glory.  As Natasha said,

"It was tons of fun the other night, by the way.  I hope we get another chance down the road to do that again."

Her partner had this to add:

"I agree, these are gorgeous! Thanks so much for a wonderful shoot. And we really loved having your wife there, too. She has such great enthusiasm and terrific ideas for poses -- she added so much to the experience!"

SHIBARI - The Beauty of Tight Binding