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This Is A Test
October 28, 2010

This is a test of a new blog format.  In an effort to consolidate my Web presence, I am considering a move from my former home at eyedance.blogspot.com to this sub-page.  Formatting will be different as Google's blogspot service is specifically designed to function as a blog, while I will have to manually archive older posts and maintain a searchable list of the archive.
  Comments are enabled, but will all appear at the bottom of the page.   Your feedback will assist me in my efforts to make this blog interesting and readable.  There will be no direct email of new blog posts.  New posts would be at the top of the page, as before.

With this template I can embed slide shows directly from Flickr though the size is dictated by the feed mechanism at Flickr and this is as large as I can make it.  The auto-start is annoying too as I dislike anything that removes control from the viewer, but again, that is dictated by Flickr.  Also, because it is Flash driven, it will not work on Apple devices (phone, iPod, or iPad) because Apple is stupid.
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...and still display individual photographs which has been my preference.  I can link to Flickr slide shows as I have done several times in the recent past.  I am interested in pursuing the above embedded slide show for other usage on the site, and so included it here as a trial baloon.

Tempestuous winds on Lake Monona

The witty musings will be unchanged.  Navigation tools are below for archived blog posts (currently pointing to the existing eyedance.blogspot.com archives, but gradually being replaced by my own archive).  I will absolutely lose some flexibility, though there are some unexplored options I can dig into to see if they will really help me or only frustrate me as Google can.  Should I choose to move the blog, the old site will remain - frozen - with a pointer here for those who get there by mistake or from a search on an older post.

Your opinion matters to me and I'd like your thoughts. 

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