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Nataraj's Bio

eyeDance photographer Nataraj Hauser has a rich and varied approach to creative art.  After stepping away from his day job for what was initially a sabbatical, Nataraj created eyeDance Studio.  Early success led to moving into his dedicated studio space in downtown Madison, WI, at 133 S. Butler St.  

The eyeDance name is a blend of his creative passions; using his eye for composition and photography, and the dance and dancers that have made life so enjoyable.  School can train one to be a competent photographer but it cannot provide the rich melange of life experience that Nataraj brings to his craft.  Years in the corporate environment provide business acumen and reliability.  Creativity, talent, and reliability make a formidable combination.  

For 25 years Nataraj earned his living working happily for Corporate America in roles such as computer programmer, business analyst, logistics liaison to IT, production planner, and transportation analyst.  Each of these jobs thoroughly exercised the left/analytical side of his brain, and left the right/creative side underutilized.  Transitioning to work with the camera further unleashed his creative side.

Outside of work, he also pursued dance and martial arts, earning a black belt in tae kwon do before moving on to cross train in capoeira, aikido, Muay Thai kickboxing, and finally settling in for a few years of full-contact training in northern Shaolin kung fu.  Injury provided an opportunity to step back and ponder what to do next.  A recommendation from a friend led him into dance, first contact improv, and belly dance under Mona N'Wal, then later aerial work under the tutelage of Cycropia Aerial Dance.  It was the dance communities that provided him the target-rich environment that made photography so deliciously appealing.  

Applying all his years of movement training to photography is a boon as he has a solid understanding of both the dance and dancer, making it easier to intuit when and where would get the best image.  His work is popular within his dance community.  His candid portraits demonstrate a knack for catching people being comfortably themselves.  

Nataraj Hauser with partner Reena Tyler

Nataraj often employs his partner of more than twenty years as an assistant in the studio.  In addition to providing extra hands for setup and mid-shoot adjustments, Reena also provides her artistic eye to wardrobe, hair, and makeup.  Her extensive background in fine art provides insight for composition to ensure the most dynamic photographs.