eyeDance Studio is closed. Thank you for many years of fun and beauty!

The [former] home of mild-to-WILD glamour portrait photography in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.
Nataraj Hauser of eyeDance will work with you to create just the images you want. There are many reasons to seek out studio photography including event promotion, CD images, promotional material, portraits, glamour, or revealing your true inner self.  

The studio is suitable for individuals and group portraits.  A variety of backgrounds and professional lighting result in striking photographs. Whether it is your artistic vision, or mine, you will be satisfied with the high-caliber images.

There are different needs for quality photographic images, and those images may be used in a variety of ways.  eyeDance will provide a range of services that are right for your needs.  Click here to see examples of packaging and pricing available.  If you do not see a package that suits your needs, we will work with you to find a solution.

Prices are subject to change (but not once you have booked a shoot).

There are many reasons to have portrait photographs taken - What are yours?

Sometimes things make perfect sense and happen for easily defined practical reasons.  Other times there is a bit more at play in the decision. 

Needing a new portrait for your parents, or your family portrait wall is an easy decision and eyeDance can capture you and your family at your location or in the studio.  Your portrait will look great on the wall.  Getting head shots  for your business card and web site is another easy, obvious choice.  Nataraj at eyeDance Photography will make the process quick and painless.  You will be in and out in about an hour with photos you can be proud of.

Getting a boudoir portrait session involves a different thought process altogether.  It is much more of an emotional choice than logical.  You do not need boudoir photos ~ You want boudoir photos.  You want to capture your essence, your playful or sexy spirit.  You want it for yourself.  And if your paramour is very lucky, you will share it with them.

Boudoir portraits are a powerful choice.  You will always control the images you co-create with Nataraj at eyeDance Photography.  If your choice is that no one is to see them, rest assured, no one will.  Trust is everything.

Age has nothing to do with exquisite boudoir portraits.  Emotional content is far more important.  When you make the choice to have intimate portraits taken for your self or a loved one, you have made a bold step and are choosing to reveal yourself in a way that is deeply personal and satisfying.  You might feel sultry or sublime, or you might feel a childlike delight in sharing your most personal self. 

Many who choose a boudoir shoot are women in their powerful prime, with more than a bit of real-world experience.  They have enjoyed triumph and tribulation, and life has sometimes left its marks.  Most bodies are not perfect - they have birthed babies, endured surgery, bumped into things, and been scarred by physical and emotional mishap.  Nataraj at eyeDance Photography will work with you to determine what you like about your body; what to reveal (and what to conceal).  Together we will sculpt your portraits to capture the essence of You.  Generally speaking, Photoshop is not used to make you look good.  You are already beautiful and we will work together to capture that.

Before your shoot, you and Nataraj will meet and discuss your wants and desires.  We will talk about your vision and style, what mood to capture, and what props to employ.  Less is more - these portraits are all about you.  Your session will be highly interactive, a constant check-in of your comfort and satisfaction with the experience. 

You might enjoy bringing a friend along to share the fun, someone whose opinions you trust to help shape the session and bring out your best.  This is a great time to dig out that special jewelry that you love (but never seem to find an opportunity to wear) or those accessories that can become the focal point.

Boudoir portraits are for you.

Whether you share them or not is not the reason.

You are worth it all on your own.


   Nataraj Hauser - owner/photographer

   Studio located at:
   133 S. Butler St, Suite 10
   Madison, WI   53703

   Call for appointment. eyeDance is closed.

Men, this is for You too!

Women may get all the attention from our media, yet you know you have as much right to a little vanity.  The power and line of a male body is worthy of celebration.  After all, it is the peacock that has the fancy plumage and uses it to attract his mate.  Perhaps your "plumage" is a uniform or tuxedo, and perhaps it is the raw result of hours of living life in a physical way.

There are many reasons you might want your own boudoir images.  It could be that they are just for yourself - you deserve it - or perhaps they are to share with a special someone.  Whatever your reason, you are worth the effort to have portraits made that clearly show the impact of you!

Bold and brassy, or soft and sculpted, the choice is yours.  Nataraj of eyeDance Photography will work with you to create stunning images of the real You.  Together you will co-create your portraits to get exactly the right look.

You call the shots.

You decide what to share.

You 'da man!

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